Borough of Highlands, NJ
  40.40422oN by 73.990674oE


Land Use Board

In January of 2016 the Governing Body passed O16-1, to combine the land use powers of the Planing Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment into a single board to be known as the “Land Use Board,” which shall exercise all of the powers and duties of the individual boards according to the Municipal Land Use Laws.

Our Land Use Board consists of nine (9) members and four (4) citizen alternates as follows:

(1) Class I: The Mayor or the Mayor's designee in the absence of the Mayor.
(2) Class II: One of the officials of the municipality other than a member of the governing body to be appointed by the Mayor.
(3) Class III: A member of the governing body to be appointed by the Borough Council.
(4) Class IV: Six citizens of the Borough to be appointed by the Mayor.

NOTE: According to NJSA 40:55D   Class I and III members cannot vote on class “d” variances described as follows:

  1. A use or principal structure in a district restricted against such a use or structure
  2. An expansion of an existing nonconforming use
  3. Deviation from a specification or standard pursuant to section 54 of P.L.1975, c.291 (C.40:55D-67) pertaining solely to a conditional use
  4. An increase in the permitted floor area ratio as defined in section 3.1 of P.L.1975, c.291 (C.40:55D-4)
  5. An increase in the permitted density as defined in section 3.1 of P.L.1975, c.291 (C.40:55D-4)except as applied to the required lot area for a lot or lots for detached one or two dwelling unit buildings, which lot or lots are either an isolated undersized lot or lots resulting from a minor subdivision.
  6. An increase in the height of a principal structure that exceeds the maximum height permitted in a zoning district by 10 feet or 10 percent

The Board meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm, Community Center

Members of the Land Use Board

  Land Use Board 2017   Term Exp.
  Mayor Rick O'Neil 12/31/18
  Official other than Governing Body VACANT 12/31/17
  Council Doug Card 12/31/17
  Chair (Member 1) Andrew Stockton 12/31/19
  Vice-Chair (Member 2) Ken Braswell 12/31/19
  Member 3 Chris Francy 12/31/18
  Member 4 Rob Knox 12/31/18
  Member 5 Larry Colby 12/31/19
  Member 6 Art Gallagher 12/31/19
  Alt 1 Jim Fox  12/31/17
  Alt 2 Rosemary Ryan 12/31/17
  Alt 3 Frank Nolan 12/31/18
  Alt 4 Christian Lee 12/31/18
  Acting Secretary Kathy Burgess  
  Attorney Jack Serpico  
  Engineer  Rob Keady