Borough of Highlands, NJ
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Trash Collection Information
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Department of Public Works

Phone: 732-872-1224 x250
Fax: 732-872-0670 
Location:   42 Shore Drive, Highlands

The Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for the maintenance of all public property including roadways and infrastructure. Among many functions, the Department manages the recycling, leaf, brush and bulk waste collection programs, is responsible for the upkeep of park and recreation facilities and the removal of snow from roadways.

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DPW Yard Hours are: Tuesday 8am-2pm, Thursday 11am-5pm, Saturday 7am-3:30pm

The Borough is divided into zones for purposes of scheduling and delivering services in the most efficient manner possible. Please check to find your zone schedule by clicking here  Trash, Recycling, Bulk, Brush by Zone

The Borough provides numerous leaf and brush removal pickup dates, which means that debris is in or near our road and sidewalk areas during many months of the year. It is critical that all debris be placed for pickup in accordance with the published schedule and regulations of the Borough. After the pickup period has passed and the streets have been cleaned, no additional debris may be placed curbside until the next scheduled pickup. Aside from detracting from the appearance of our Borough, debris left in the streets impedes the flow of storm-water and exacerbates flood conditions. It causes traffic and safety hazards for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists and interferes with snow removal during the winter months. Landscapers or residents placing debris for collection in an unauthorized manner shall be required to remove the waste from the public right of way.

How we recycle:  Since 2012, Highlands uses SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING. 

What is single stream recycling? Residents can place all recyclables in one recycling container. There is no longer a need to separate items such as glass, plastics [all marked #1 through #7], cans, jars, paper, cardboard and paperboard [cereal boxes and inside rolls of paper towels]. Larger pieces of cardboard can be flattened and placed next to the container you place at the curb.

What we recycle curbside:

  • Aluminum cans, clean aluminum foil wrap/ containers
  • Steel and tin cans

  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Chip board: ceral boxes, inside rolls of paper towels/toilet paper

  • Plastic: milk, water and water containers

  • #1 through #7 plastics. Dishwasher detergent box, fruit/strawberry carton, Tetra Pak- Juice box, Tetra Pak milk cartons, Tetra Pak- soup/stocks, Tetra Pak wines, coffee cup lids, deodorant containers, clear plastic egg cartons, vegetable/flower plant 6 packs, plastic coat hangers

  • Plastic food clamshell containers

  • Newspaper

  • Mixed paper (magazines, office paper, junk mail)

  • Shredded paper - Please put in paper bags

  • Paper ice cream cartons

  • Corrugated cardboard

  • Pots and pans

  • Cookie/cake tins


The full county guide  Monmouth County RecyclingGuide2016.pdf Mandated_Recyclables.pdf

More information about recycling from Monmouth County

Monmouth County Hazardous Waste Facility

More information about recyling:

Bulk Pickup Information

  • Bulk is collected 4 times a year during the months of March, June, September, December.

  • 4 Large Items or the equivalency of 4 cans can be collected.

  • Appliances shall not be placed at the curb before 6:00 P.M. on the day before the scheduled pick up. Doors must be removed from refrigerators prior to placement at the curb.

  • No construction material or vehicle parts will be picked up.

  • Please separate metal and slack in a separate pile.

  • Bulk debris shall not be placed at the curb for collection until the day preceding the scheduled collection date.

  • Notwithstanding the above, appliances containing refrigerants will not be scheduled for pick up unless permit stickers are first obtained from Borough Hall. A fee of twenty (50) dollars will be assessed for each such sticker.

  • Residents requesting an additional Bulk pick up outside of these dates may submit a request at Borough Hall. The fee will be $50.00 and limited to one large item. Only two additional Bulk pick up requests will be allowed per year.

Brush Pickup Information

Brush will be picked up by zone during the months of April, May, September, October, November and December on Fridays.

  • By ordinance, brush placement is only allowed during the first 5 days prior to collection.
  • Place all brush 10 feet from storm drains, inlets or streams.
  • All brush must be 25 feet from an intersection. 
  • Please remove vehicles from street during brush removal Fridays, by zone, as the street sweeper will follow the brush pick up. 
  • If the regular pick up date falls on a holiday, pick up will always be the day before.





Aerosol cans (empty)

Curbside or yard

Commingled [Bottles, cans, Paper]

Aluminum cans, clean Foil Wrap and Containers (rinsed)

Curbside or yard

Commingled [Bottles, cans, Paper]

Anti freeze

(Note 1)



(Notes 2 and 4)


Batteries (auto/boat)

Any Automotive Shop

A $10 recycling reimbursement will be given

Batteries (home)

Not Recyclable

Can go in regular trash


Curbside or yard

Remove binders, Commingled [Bottles, cans, Paper]


(Note 5)



Curbside or yard

knocked down, flattened & tied collected on recycling days

Catalogs & flyers

Curbside or yard

Commingled [Bottles, Cans, Paper]

Computers & Electronics

Accepted by Highlands

bring to yard

Construction debris

Use own hauler

not accepted by Highlands

Food waste

In the trash

try composting

Fuel (gas, diesel, heating)

(Note 1)


Furniture (non metal)


bulk pick-up day

Furniture (metal)


as above or bring to yard

Glass bottles & jars

Curbside or yard

Commingled [Bottles, cans, Paper]

Grass clippings


Or cut it and leave it at your home (mulch)

Junk Mail

Curbside or yard

Commingled [Bottles, cans, Paper]


(Note 7)

try composting or mulching


Curbside or yard

Commingled [Bottles, cans, Paper]

Motor oil

Not accepted


Newsprint (any color)

Curbside or yard

Commingled [Bottles, cans, Paper] includes glossies & flyers

Office paper

Curbside or yard

Commingled [Bottles, cans, Paper]

Paint cans

(oil or latex)

(note 3)


(Note 1)

try organic alternative

Plastic bags

With trash

some supermarkets recycle

Plastic bottles #1-7 accepted

Curbside or yard

Commingled [Bottles, cans, Paper]

Propane tanks

(Note 1)


Scrap metal

Recycling yard

bring to yard

Telephone books

Curbside or yard

Commingled [Bottles, cans, Paper]

Tin cans

Curbside or yard

Commingled [Bottles, cans, Paper]


Not accepted

leave with seller

Tree stumps

Small - as yard debris

use own hauler

Yard debris

(Note 5)





  1. To contact the Monmouth County Hazardous Waste Disposal Call (732) 683-8686 (visit MCHWD website)

  2. Small ones in trash, large at curbside on your bulk day. Those designed to contain freon see note

  3. If contents are less than 1" place in trash. Oil based with more than 1" is considered hazardous waste, see note 1. Do not recycle or put in trash.

  4. Those items such as refrigerators, AC units, freezers, etc, designed to contain freon , must have a disposal sticker (obtainable for $20.00 from Borough hall) and can be either placed at the curb for bulk pick-up on your zone's scheduled Bulk pick days or brought to the recycling yard.

  5. Yard debris - Leaves & misc debris - collected at curb (see your zone schedule) Grass clippings - not collected. Branches - bundled, not longer than 48" or 4" diameter. Stumps - small ones (only) at curb. Large ones by own hauler.


All businesses and institutions must comply with the residential rules plus the following:

A. Debris, furniture and appliances from renovations will be handled by own hauler or contractor.

B. Cardboard will be flattened and tied for pickup or brought to yard.

C. Mixed paper – newsprint, office paper, brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, magazines, junk mail, flyers etc. pickup or brought to yard.