Borough of Highlands, NJ
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Public Notices
Proposed Captains Cove Redevelopment Plan (pdf)
Land Use Board October 4, 2018 Agenda (pdf)
Land Use Board Revised Meeting Dates (pdf)
Highlands Day Press Release (pdf)
Land Use Board Notice of Action (pdf)
Land Use Resolution - Arjika (pdf)
Land Use Board Resolution - Reso (pdf)
Special Meeting Notice 07.30.18 (pdf)
O-18-16 - PENDING - Amend Paradise Lane to Harbor Side Pointe Road (pdf)
O-18-15 - Capital Ordinance (pdf)
O-18-14 - Bond Ordinance Sewer Improvements (pdf)
DEP News Release: The Swimming Safety (pdf)
The Clining Jellyfish Advisory Expanded to Barnegat Bay (pdf)
Community Development Block Grant Meetings (pdf)
Community Development Block Grant Requirements (pdf)
Borough Council Special Meeting Notice June 11, 2018 (pdf)
Public Notice for Non-Fair Open - Res 18-091 Branins (pdf)
Public Notice - Monmouth Cty Mosquito Commission Information (pdf)
Public Notice of Ordinance 18-10 Intro (pdf)
Public Notice of Ordinance 18-08 Intro (pdf)
Public Notice of Non-Fair Open - Res 18-093 Heyer Gruel Assoc (pdf)
Public Notice for Ordinance 18-09 Intro (pdf)
Public Notice for Non-Fair Open - Res 18-089 CME Assoc (pdf)
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New Life Christian Church


125 Bay Avenue
(732) 872-7797

Marti and Jessica McGrail, passionate about their message of God's love for the world had a vision to encourage people from all walks of life to be all that God created them to be.  They dreamed of a place they could build where people would come and be comforted and built-up physically, psychologically and spiritually, and in 2001 they mortgaged their home and used their own money and purchased an old rundown church building built in 1914 in the middle of a small fishing village in Highlands, New Jersey, and began the painstaking process of building what would take 12 years only to see Hurricane Sandy ravage their work and personal investment to the  point of destruction.  

The facility was under 10 feet of water and every member of the church had left, either because their homes were destroyed or they had moved on.  So, this United States Navy (Vietnam) veteran and his dedicated wife began the building of their ministry again.  What would happen can only be described as a real-life modern day miracle.  Three weeks after Hurricane Sandy had passed Marti and Jessica entered the church building only to find it literally torn to pieces, nothing was salvageable, except their vision and determination for a new beginning.  Together, they believed if God wanted their ministry to be re-birthed He would have to provide the way, the money, the people and the team, and within 9 months that's exactly what happened.  

Today, New Life Christian Church has opened the doors to welcome people into what can only be described as a place of serenity and miracles.  As soon as you approach the front walk you can personally experience the difference from any place of worship you have ever been before.

If you haven't been to New Life, you've got to try it, we believe you're going to love it! Our Sunday morning services are for EVERYONE and totally different from what you grew-up with in the traditional ""Church"". We're not like anyone else and we really prayed to be different.You can expect to be welcomed into a loving atmosphere that is joyful, light and very comfortable. You'll never feel out of place, pushed or pressured. At New Life, it's all about you and you're going to feel like God intended you to feel. Our Biblical-based messages are spot-on, informative and about REAL life, you'll relate immediately. The message will build you up and not leave you feeling torn down. You'll be left renewed, refreshed and encouraged to be all that God created you to be. We believe you will be blessed!  

Childcare is available for children up to age 10, and all guests are invited to join Pastor Marti and Jessica for an incredible free lunch in Jessica's Garden Cafe each Sunday. (Both Pastor Marti and Jessica love feeding your soul and your belly!)"