Borough of Highlands, NJ
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Public Notices
Proposed Captains Cove Redevelopment Plan (pdf)
Land Use Board October 4, 2018 Agenda (pdf)
Land Use Board Revised Meeting Dates (pdf)
Highlands Day Press Release (pdf)
Land Use Board Notice of Action (pdf)
Land Use Resolution - Arjika (pdf)
Land Use Board Resolution - Reso (pdf)
Special Meeting Notice 07.30.18 (pdf)
O-18-16 - PENDING - Amend Paradise Lane to Harbor Side Pointe Road (pdf)
O-18-15 - Capital Ordinance (pdf)
O-18-14 - Bond Ordinance Sewer Improvements (pdf)
DEP News Release: The Swimming Safety (pdf)
The Clining Jellyfish Advisory Expanded to Barnegat Bay (pdf)
Community Development Block Grant Meetings (pdf)
Community Development Block Grant Requirements (pdf)
Borough Council Special Meeting Notice June 11, 2018 (pdf)
Public Notice for Non-Fair Open - Res 18-091 Branins (pdf)
Public Notice - Monmouth Cty Mosquito Commission Information (pdf)
Public Notice of Ordinance 18-10 Intro (pdf)
Public Notice of Ordinance 18-08 Intro (pdf)
Public Notice of Non-Fair Open - Res 18-093 Heyer Gruel Assoc (pdf)
Public Notice for Ordinance 18-09 Intro (pdf)
Public Notice for Non-Fair Open - Res 18-089 CME Assoc (pdf)
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Community of Hope


The Highlands Community of Hope is a community development project with a vision that sees the Borough of Highlands as a community of opportunity, prosperity and wholeness.  Our mission is to build a coalition of community individuals and groups that partner together to create programs and activities fostering a healthy community.

The community projects are resourced by the people of the United Methodist Church of Atlantic Highlands and Navesink. They are working with A Future With Hope and The United Methodist Church of Greater NJ. 

The COH has met with council members, school leaders, business people, government workers and residents to listen to their needs and concerns and focused our work accordingly.   We invite you to join our efforts in providing highlands residents with programs, tools, activities, and support. 

Currently, we are working in three areas. Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Flood Buddies and Community involvement. 

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Jerry Hoy, Lead Coordinator

Neighbors Helping Neighbors offers you the extra set of hands to help you with your home and property needs. We work with volunteers of our community who emulate the strength and generosity of Neighbors helping Neighbors. Please join us as we work together to strengthen our community. 

Flood Buddies  Jo-Anne Olszewski, Lead Coordinator

Flood Buddies, a new program in the planning stages, would begin by linking Highlands residents (Driver Buddies) who live outside flood zones with Highlands residents in flood zones (Need a Lift Buddies) who have an urgent need to relocate their cars during flooding episodes AND get back to their houses in downtown Highlands. Once the flood danger has passed, a ride back to their cars would be provided by the Driver Buddy. Buddies would be paired early on, and have the opportunity to meet at a social affair(s) planned by Community of Hope. Early meetings would help solve short-term flood parking issues and foster new friendships for those who live in a variety of areas of Highlands.   Sign up by clicking HERE

Community Involvement  Jan Flood, Lead Coordinator 

A partnership with the Bayshore Family Success Center of the YMCA offers family support and activities. Our current involvement includes establishing homework centers.